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Name:the white huntress

This journal is appropriate for Adults Only and contains discussions of dark and mature content that some may find triggering. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Incest
  • Sexual activity with and between minors
  • Drug use
  • Eating disorders
  • Pregnancy and MPREG

    Posts are not individually tagged for triggers and thus any post in the journal maybe considered potentially triggering. Please proceed with caution.

    raison d'etre:

    Weiss Kreuz Badfic: Because Pretty Boys are Bad News.

    As someone who has long had a downer on Mary Sue fanfiction in all its shapes and forms, and who is also of the opinion that Weiss Kreuz fanfiction was overdue for a cleanup on aisle three, I was intending to try and make a journal to report Weiss Sues only to come to realize that wouldn't have even started to address the problem. Not when Mary Sues are nothing but another symptom of the horrible disease that is Badfic. Badfic comes in all shapes and sizes. Lame 'whacky' comedies, horrible and ill-conceived slash, tasteless tales of rape and torture, over-the-top deathfics, terrible porn, the hideousness that is MPREG - you name it, Weiss Kreuz suffers with it. It's high time someone said something.

    This journal is no longer being regularly updated: you can only say 'your special snowflake of a neat new character is just like all the other special snowflakes Weiss have had aimed at them since 2005' in so many ways, after all. Reports are still posted on an as-and-when basis, but for various personal reasons I'd rather not go into here it's simply no longer possible for me to sustain a weekly schedule any more.

    Please note that, since I can't snark about canon violations when I'm not quite sure what the canon thinks it's doing in the first place, I will not be sporking fanfiction inspired by the Weiss Side B manga. I own Weiss Side B, but my inability to find any decent manga translations has me near as dammit totally unable to work out what's going on - I can't read Japanese, so I'm really just staring at Ken and wondering how in Hell he knows those soccer players in volume four. Anything else, though, is and will remain fair game. Yes, I have now seen Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, and I utterly loved it so, Gluhen badficcers, this spork now has your names engraved on it too...

    Thank you to everyone who's read and enjoyed my posts over the years.

    ratings system:

    Mediocre: This fic isn't so bad. It's more samey than anything, and could very well be redeemed with a little time and attention. The author is probably a tolerable writer but somewhere along the line they're letting themselves down. A few revisions might help, but the thing's basically sound.

    Poor: Your average badfic. I'm sure you mean well, ficcer, but you really need to think a little harder about the story you're telling and the way you're trying to tell it - not to mention the series canon. Chances are this fic is boring, too, as it's not even bad enough to be worth trying to hate...

    Appalling: This is getting messy. A variety of badfic traits, such as OOC nonsense, an inconsistent or bizarre plot, cultural myopia or presentation problems, are raising their ugly heads. This fic is pretty damn bad. The best thing you can do is ditch this and start over. And THINK next time.

    Disastrous: Ouch. This fic hurt me. I'm not sure this ficcer's been watching the same show I have. The characters are almost unrecognizable, the plot unworkable and the canon has been thrown out the window. The writing's poor, too. You do realize the series is 1. about assassins and 2. set in Japan?

    Lethal: This fic is a mess. A real mess. Shit characterization, an incoherent plot, wholesale canon-rape and, as the icing on the awful-cake, terrible presentation. This fic is - and I use the term advisedly - positively toxic, so much so it's hilariously funny... but for all the WRONG reasons.


    Got a bad fic to report? Want to propose marriage or tell me how much I suck? Leave a comment, or email I will make every effort to answer all my comments, as far as real life (including my current tendency toward deeply insecure emotastic crappiness) doesn't preclude it.

    Want to add weiss_badfics to your friends list? Feel free. I always add back, though I don't check my profile page as often as I ought so it may take me a while to notice you...

    Incidentally, journal posts are heavily tagged for ease of searching. A list of current entry tags can be found here.
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